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We Create Brand Identities

that position our clients above their competitors.

At BOSSVFX, we offer explainer video and animated video production. We are also specialize in landing page videos, marketing videos, and more!

We are successful because we make it less about us, and more about our clients; about the direction their companies are heading and about the success they will achieve. Not only do the brand identities we design ensure our clients stand-out, they also provide visual expressions that stand the test of time, enabling clients to engage and connect with their own customers more effectively than ever before.

Our Delivery

We make short, animated explainer videos that enable businesses to explain their services simply, effectively, and meaningfully by capturing their one-of-a-kind story. We help explain every client’s story in a way that increases their company’s sales.

Our Approach

We don’t create cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all video templates that we can tack on to every business. We work closely with each client to awaken their story and create a video that accurately and uniquely tells the story that their audience needs to hear.

Our Result

We’re a small company with big agency experience, which means we make world-class videos while still maintaining close relationships with our clients. We’ve worked with a wide variety of companies, from small start ups to international corporations.

When marketers include an explainer video in an email

the click-through rate increased by

200% to 300%.

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