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Reasons For Re branding?

By | 2017-03-10T00:04:59+00:00 April 15th, 2015|Our News|

Rebranding is that way that best reflects your business in the marketplace. Rebranding can include changing your business name, logo design, web design e.t.c that better appeal to your customers. Rebranding can also be where you just update the colors palette, add / replace graphics.  Rebranding should be done to gain more customers, achieve a [...]

Process of Making Explainer Video

By | 2017-03-10T00:05:05+00:00 December 28th, 2012|Our News|

Hi, we have perfected the process of building, editing, publishing and marketing online videos, it’s what we do everyday. Since we build each videos from scratch, a typical project takes 1-2 weeks to complete. For each new video, we typically follow the six steps below. Step 1: Project Research Before we do anything, we work [...]

Why Online Video Is Critical?

By | 2017-03-10T00:05:05+00:00 December 27th, 2012|Our News|

When a person searches online they operate in a very different way to a customer who walks in from the street. An online browser usually has a specific thing that they are looking for and they search for it. They want to get relevant information as quickly as possible. Their attention span is very short [...]

Explainer Video Cost?

By | 2017-03-10T00:05:05+00:00 December 27th, 2012|Our News|

This is probably one of our most frequently asked questions How Much Does A Live Explainer Video Cost? . To put it simply, it depends on what you’re looking for. Explainer video are priced according to a variety of factors, including the design style, the number of revisions and client feedback steps involved, the quality of [...]

Tips On Getting Advantage Of Animated Videos

By | 2017-03-10T00:05:18+00:00 December 26th, 2012|Our News|

Adding an animated videos means a lot to your Customers. An effective video will Enhance your business prospects as visitors prefer to see a video rather then lengthy Blogs.The huge reason for an animated videos is it will flow traffic towards your site in this regard we should see How YouTube change the dynamics of [...]

Why You Need an Animated Explainer Video?

By | 2017-03-10T00:05:19+00:00 December 27th, 2011|Our News|

The front page of the website is the most import page where visitor will stay, especially if your website is representing your company. When people are searching online for a specific products, chances are the search will yield countless results, which mean that they will have many options to choose from. This is where animated [...]